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Guangxi Wuzhou Shengyu Gas Co., Ltd

Address:No. 5 Sifu Road, Sifu Village, Chengdong Town, Wanxiu District, Wuzhou City, Guangxi

Consultation hotline18029180291

Guangxi Wuzhou Shengyu Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SY)

Based in China, our product research and development base mainly meets the needs of domestic and foreign customers for food grade gases. Can develop efficient solutions based on customer needs.

SY continuously absorbs the world's cutting-edge gas application technologies and focuses on the food industry.

SY's core values are sustainability, innovation, and shared development.

☆ Sustainability: We promise to support environmental protection. We improve our quality of life, including ecology, culture, society,

and economy, hoping that our future generations will have no pressure or burden.

☆ Seeking Innovation: We constantly innovate and have developed into a leading food gas group company in the industry.

☆ Co development: Through close cooperation with customers, we provide them with high-quality gas products to improve product quality and reduce operating costs

Provide strong technical support for the continuous strengthening of overall competitiveness.

SY attaches great importance to the quality, reputation, and after-sales service of its products, conducts full inspections

 of its own research and development products, and issues product reports.

We will provide customers with product usage and safety training to maximize customer satisfaction.

SY takes technology as its core and market orientation, leveraging the advantages of domestic and foreign technology and resources, 

and strives to provide customers with high-quality services in gas research and development, production, sales, and technical services.