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Xenon gas

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Product Details

Product Name: Xenon Gas (Xe)

UN NO.: UN2036

CAS NO.: 7440-63-3

Purity: 99.999%, 99.9995%

Packaging Specifications: 8/10L, 40L, 44L, 47L, 49L, 50L Steel Cylinders (GB, ISO, DOT)

Valve: CGA580

Filling Capacity: 1m3-10m3/cylinder

Xenon (Xe)≥99.999%

Impurity Content
Krypton (Kr)≤2.0 ppmv

≤1.0 ppmv
Hydrogen (H2)≤0.5 ppmv

≤0.5 ppmv
Oxygen + Argon (O2+Ar)≤1.5 ppmv

≤0.5 ppmv
Nitrogen (N2)≤2.5 ppmv

≤1.5 ppmv
Methane (CH4)≤0.3 ppmv

≤0.1 ppmv
Carbon Monoxide (CO)≤0.2 ppmv

≤0.1 ppmv
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)≤0.3 ppmv

≤0.1 ppmv
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)≤0.2 ppmv

≤0.1 ppmv
Hexafluoroethane (C2F6)≤0.5 ppmv

≤0.1 ppmv
Water (H2O)≤2.0 ppmv

≤1.0 ppmv

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